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Wooden jewellery box

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The wooden jewellery box of noble cherry wood with a unique finish.

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The wooden jewellery box that is a jewel itself

An oval wooden jewellery box made from one of the most beautiful of European woods – cherry. We took a great deal of care with the surface of this product. It has been finely ground, treated with beeswax and polished. The selected finish brings out the beauty of the cherry wood. We use wax with a special treatment which is water resistant. This wooden jewellery box has a simple oval or elliptical shape, an easily removable lid and elegant thin sides. The inner space has been made without any finishing to avoid any undesirable interaction between wax and the stored items.

What can you keep in the wooden jewellery box?

Obviously you can store jewellery in it, but also pens, keys or coins, sweets or other items, whatever comes to mind. The inside dimensions are about 15 cm length, 6.5 cm width and 3.5 cm height. However it is necessary to bear in mind that thanks to the elliptical shape, the inner space of the box narrows towards the edges.



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