• From our outlet shop - rocking horse Čenda 53 White, black, Čenda 28 and other wooden products

    Wooden Rocking Horse, White and Black colour finish

  • Wooden rocking horses with seat height 28 cm.

    Wooden Rocking Horse, various models

A wooden rocking horse can be a great toy for your children or a decorative item for your home. Or both!

We offer rocking horses made of solid wood in both large and small sizes. Our range of products also includes other wooden toys and home accessories. In our production process, we place the emphasis on the quality of the workmanship and of course durability. We use solid wood, which we supplement by other natural materials, wool and natural leather when appropriate.

Čenda 53 Big Wooden Rocking Horse

Big wooden rocking horse, colour chestnut with a leather harness and saddle

Čenda 53 wooden rocking horse

  • exclusive large-sized wooden rocking horse
  • authentically shaped from solid wood
  • hand-painted
  • equipped with a leather harness and saddle
  • for children from two years old
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Čenda 25 Wooden Rocking Horse

Small wooden rocking horse with seat height in 25 cm

Čenda 25 rocking horse

  • elegant rocking horse made from solid wood
  • natural surface finish
  • hand-painted
  • seat height 25 cm

Čenda 28 Wooden Rocking Horse

Wooden Rocking Horse in various colour finishes

Čenda 28 Rocking Horse – white and tan colour finish

  • our medium rocking horse
  • seat height of 28 cm
  • made of solid wood
  • authentically shaped head
  • for children from one year old
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You can view and order our products at our E-shop. All of the products are designed and produced in our manufacturing shop in Uherský Brod in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, we occasionally offer and sell our rocking horses and other products at Christmas markets and various events, where they always attract the attention of both children and adults alike.

Wood Machining, Manufacture of Wooden Toys

Our flagship product is the Čenda 53 wooden rocking horse. In addition to this, we also produce other wooden toys and home accessories. In manufacturing our products, we employ traditional methods of joining and bonding, which involves the use of natural joints without any metal parts. Thanks to this, the final products are of extremely high quality, and will last for many years. We use water-based safe paints and coatings.

However, the range of products and services provided by our company is even wider. We offer digitization of 3D objects for the creation of 3D models in a computer, machining of wooden prototypes on a CNC milling machine and series production of worked parts. Contact us if you are interested in future cooperation.

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