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Čenda 28 Natural Rocking Horse

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A wooden rocking horse with a seat height of 28 cm, with a weight-carrying capacity of 75 kg, natural. This model has a tail.

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A unique wooden rocking horse suitable for children from 1 year of age, which is remarkable for its shaped head and the quality of the workmanship. The seat height is approx. 28 cm and its load capacity is 75 kg. The horse is made of quality pine wood. All the joints on the rockers and legs are the deep mortise and tenon type made in a traditional manner so that the maximum service life would be achieved. This model has a tail that also serves as a buffer preventing backward motion when your child is rocking. This horse is completely natural.


Length72 cm

Width 28 cm

Height46 cm

Seat height28 cm

Weight3 kg

Load capacity75 kg

Weight3 kg
Seat height




Carrying capacity



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